Radio Set, AN/ARC-58

JAN Type: AN/ARC-58
Nomenclature: Radio Set
Components: T-605/ARC-58 Radio Transmitter, R-761/ARC-58 Radio Receiver, CU-523/ARC-58 Antenna Coupler, C-1940/ARC-58 Antenna Coupler Control, C-3141/ARC-58 Radio Set Control.
Mode: 6A3, 3A3J
Frequency Range: 2-29.999 Mhz
Power Input: 115 VAC 400 Hz 3-Phase
Power Output: 1 kw
Number of Channels: 28000
Channel Spacing: 1 kHz
Part of: ARC-58
Description: Radio Set ARC-58 is an airborne radio set which provides high-power HF SSB capability.
Manufacturer: Collins Radio Co.
Created: Sat Jul 21 10:38:47 2001
Last Modified: Sat Jul 21 10:38:47 2001

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