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Tubes with charateristics: Remote-Cutoff Pentode
1A4 1A4P 1AB5 1AM4 1D5G 1D5GP
1LG5 1P5G 1P5GT 1T4 3BA6 3HT6
4BA6 6BA6 6BA6W 6BD6 6BH5 6BJ6
6BJ6A 6D6 6E7 6S7 6S7G 6SK7
6SK7GT 6SS7 6U7G 7A7 7B7 12AC6
12AF6 12B7 12B7ML 12BA6 12BD6 12CN5
12EA6 12EK6 12SH7 12SK7 12SK7GT 14A7
58 58A 58AS 58S 78 258
956 5633 5634 5749 5907 5972
6137 6660 6662 EF93 VT-131 VT-173
VT-199 VT-288 VT-69

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If you are uncertain about the EIA designator for a particular tube please use the "Index" button to list all the tubes in the database. You can click on the designator for the closest tube.

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This database contains data on thousands of tubes. Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of this reference, however, I assume no liability for the results of using information contained herein.

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