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Tubes with charateristics: Medium-Mu Triode - Pentode
4FS7 5CR8 5EU8 5U9 5X9 6AL9
6CR8 6CS8 6HC8 6HJ7 6JL8 6MY8
6U9 6X9 7GV7 8A8 8AL9 8AU8
8AU8A 8GX7 8HG8 8JL8 8MU8 8U9
8X9 9AH9 9CG8A 9EA8 9X8

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If you are uncertain about the EIA designator for a particular tube please use the "Index" button to list all the tubes in the database. You can click on the designator for the closest tube.

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This database contains data on thousands of tubes. Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of this reference, however, I assume no liability for the results of using information contained herein.

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