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Found 15 components for ARA:
Number Count JAN TypeNomenclatureIn Use
21CBY-21531Receiver Dynamotor, Mounted on ARA Receivers29-Jun-40
31CBY-23155Receiver Control Box (2-RX)29-Jun-40
41CBY-23251Receiver Control Box (3-RX)29-Jun-40
51CBY-46085Receiver Shock Mount (2-RX)29-Jun-40
61CBY-46104Receiver, 1.5-3.0 Mc29-Jun-40
71CBY-46105Receiver, 3.0-6.0 Mc29-Jun-40
81CBY-46106Receiver, 6.0-9.1 Mc29-Jun-40
91CBY-46110Receiver Rack (2-RX)29-Jun-40
101CBY-46129Receiver, 190-550 Kc29-Jun-40
111CBY-46145Receiver, 520-1500 Kc29-Jun-40
121CBY-46149Receiver Rack (3-RX)29-Jun-40
131CBY-46150Receiver Shock Mount (3-RX)29-Jun-40
141CBY-49107Switch Panel Adapter (each RX except 46145)29-Jun-40
151CBY-62036Auxiliary Outlet Adapter (use w/46145 only)29-Jun-40

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