NJ7P SQL New Millist Database Query

Found 43 components for AN/GLR-9(V)11:
Number Count JAN TypeNomenclatureIn Use
11CY-7739/GLR-9Interconnection CabinetUnk
21CY-7739/GLR-9Interconnection CabinetUnk
31CY-7739/GLR-9Interconnection CabinetUnk
41CY-7739/GLR-9Interconnection CabinetUnk
51ID-2095/GLR-9Digital Frequency IndicatorUnk
61ID-2095/GLR-9Digital Frequency IndicatorUnk
71ID-2095/GLR-9Digital Frequency IndicatorUnk
81ID-2095/GLR-9Digital Frequency IndicatorUnk
91R-1328/GLR-9(V)6Radio ReceiverUnk
101R-1328/GLR-9(V)6Radio ReceiverUnk
111R-1328/GLR-9(V)6Radio ReceiverUnk
121R-1328/GLR-9(V)6Radio ReceiverUnk
131R-1328A/GLR-9(V)6Radio ReceiverUnk
141R-1328A/GLR-9(V)6Radio ReceiverUnk
151R-1328A/GLR-9(V)6Radio ReceiverUnk
161R-1328A/GLR-9(V)6Radio ReceiverUnk
171TM 32-5895-203-12&P-ManualUnk
181TM 32-5895-203-12&P-ManualUnk
191TM 32-5895-203-12&P-ManualUnk
201TN-456/GLR-9RF Tuning UnitUnk
211TN-456/GLR-9RF Tuning UnitUnk
221TN-456/GLR-9RF Tuning UnitUnk
231TN-456/GLR-9RF Tuning UnitUnk
241TN-457/GLR-9RF Tuning UnitUnk
251TN-457/GLR-9RF Tuning UnitUnk
261TN-457/GLR-9RF Tuning UnitUnk
271TN-457/GLR-9RF Tuning UnitUnk
281TN-457A/GLR-9RF Tuning UnitUnk
291TN-457A/GLR-9RF Tuning UnitUnk
301TN-457A/GLR-9RF Tuning UnitUnk
311TN-457A/GLR-9RF Tuning UnitUnk
321TN-496/GLR-9RF Tuning UnitUnk
331TN-496/GLR-9RF Tuning UnitUnk
341TN-496/GLR-9RF Tuning UnitUnk
351TN-496/GLR-9RF Tuning UnitUnk
361TN-497/GLR-9RF Tuning UnitUnk
371TN-497/GLR-9RF Tuning UnitUnk
381TN-497/GLR-9RF Tuning UnitUnk
391TN-497/GLR-9RF Tuning UnitUnk
401TN-575/GLR-9RF Tuning UnitUnk
411TN-575/GLR-9RF Tuning UnitUnk
421TN-575/GLR-9RF Tuning UnitUnk
431TN-575/GLR-9RF Tuning UnitUnk

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