NJ7P SQL New Millist Database Query

Found 12 components for AN/CPN-6:
Number Count JAN TypeNomenclatureIn Use
11AB-42/CPN-6Antenna Mast Assembly1-Jul-45 *
21AM-44/CPN-6Modulator Driver1-Jul-45 *
3N/AAN/CPN-6Datasheet1-Jul-45 *
41AS-119/CPN-6Antenna Assembly1-Jul-45 *
51CY-169/CPN-6Transmitter Cabinet1-Jul-45 *
61CY-170/CPN-6Receiver Cabinet1-Jul-45 *
71F-12/CPN-6Discriminator1-Jul-45 *
81KY-6/CPN-6Coder1-Jul-45 *
91MX-202/CPN-6Auto Transformer1-Jul-45 *
101PP-93/CPN-6Transmitter Power Supply1-Jul-45 *
111R-88/CPN-6Radar Receiver1-Jul-45 *
121T-79/CPN-6Transmitter-Modulator1-Jul-45 *
Found 6 components used with but not issued for AN/CPN-6:
NumberCountJAN TypeNomenclatureIn Use
10AN/UPA-1Detector Amplifier Assembly1-Jul-45 *
20IS-189Voltmeter1-Jul-45 *
30TS-108/APTest Load, RF1-Jul-45 *
40TS-120/UPTest Set1-Jul-45 *
50TS-28/APNSynchroscope1-Jul-45 *
60TS-89()/APVoltage Divider1-Jul-45 *

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