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Found 91 components for AN/ARC-5:
Number Count JAN TypeNomenclatureIn Use
11AN 08-10-195ManualUnk
21AN 16-30ARC5-2 Manual15-Dec-54
3N/AAN/ARC-5Datasheet1-Mar-53 *
41C-125/ARC-5Control Panel15-Dec-54
51C-24/ARC-5Control Unit, LocalUnk
61C-25/ARC-5Control Unit, Antenna LoopUnk
71C-26/ARC-5Control Unit, Receiver TunableUnk
81C-27/ARC-5Control Unit, Receiver Lock-tunedUnk
91C-29/ARC-5Control Unit, TransmitterUnk
101C-30/ARC-5Transmitter Control Box (VHF/HF)21-Feb-44
111C-30A/ARC-5Transmitter Control Box21-Feb-44
121C-38/ARC-5Main Control Box21-Feb-44
131C-39/ARC-5Auxiliary Control Box21-Feb-44
141C-42/ARC-5Receiver Control Box (VHF only)21-Feb-44
151C-43/ARC-5Receiver Control Box (VHF/HF)21-Feb-44
161C-48/ARC-5Auxiliary Control Box21-Feb-44
171C-744/ARC-5Radio Set Control15-Dec-54
181DY-2/ARR-2Dynamotor, 28 VDC, Mounted on AN/ARC-5 ReceiversUnk
191DY-8/ARC-5Dynamotor, Transmitter, 28 VDC, Mounted on MD-7Unk
201ID-25/ARC-5Dial, 0.19-0.55 MHzUnk
211ID-26/ARC-5Dial, 0.52-1.5 MHzUnk
221ID-27/ARC-5Dial, 1.5-3.0 MHzUnk
231ID-28/ARC-5Dial, 3.0-6.0 MHzUnk
241ID-29/ARC-5Dial, 6.0-9.1 MHzUnk
251IN-83Insulator Beads, for Antenna Lead21-Feb-44
261J-16/ARC-5Jack Box21-Feb-44
271J-17/ARC-5Junction Box21-Feb-44
281J-17A/ARC-5Junction Box15-Dec-54
291J-22/ARC-5Jack Box21-Feb-44
301J-22A/ARC-5Jack Box21-Feb-44
311J-28/ARC-5Junction BoxUnk
321J-34/ARC-5Junction BoxUnk
341MT-159/ARC-5Mounting Base, for TN-6Unk
351MT-4/ARR-2Mounting Plate, For C-26 or C-42Unk
371MT-5/ARR-2Mounting Base, 1 ReceiverUnk
381MT-62/ARC-5Mounting Base, 2 ReceiversUnk
391MT-63/ARC-5Rack, 2 ReceiversUnk
401MT-64/ARC-5Rack, 3 ReceiversUnk
411MT-64/ARC-5Mounting Base, 3 ReceiversUnk
421MT-66/ARC-5Mounting Base, 4 ReceiversUnk
431MT-67/ARC-5Rack, 4 ReceiversUnk
441MT-68/ARC-5Mounting Base, 1 TransmitterUnk
451MT-69/ARC-5Rack, 1 TransmitterUnk
461MT-70/ARC-5Mounting Base, 2 TransmittersUnk
471MT-71/ARC-5Rack, 2 TransmittersUnk
481MT-72/ARC-5Mounting Base, 3 TransmittersUnk
491MT-73/ARC-5Rack, 3 TransmittersUnk
501MT-74/ARC-5Mounting Base, 4 TransmittersUnk
511MT-75/ARC-5Rack, 4 TransmittersUnk
521MT-76/ARC-5Mounting Base, for MD-7Unk
531MT-77/ARC-5Mounting Base, for RE-2 or O-4Unk
541MT-78/ARC-5Mounting Plate, For C-27, J-16, J-22 or J-22AUnk
551MT-7A/ARR-2Rack, 1 ReceiverUnk
561MT-80/ARC-5Mounting Plate, for C-29, C-30, C-39, C-48, J-28 or J-34Unk
571MT-85/ARC-5Mounting Plate, for J-1721-Feb-44
581MT-90/ARC-5Mounting Plate15-Dec-54
591MT-98/ARC-5Mounting Plate, for C-38, C-4321-Feb-44
601MX-19/ARC-5Adapter, AudioUnk
611MX-20/ARC-5Adapter, PowerUnk
621MX-21/ARC-5Adapter, Remote ControlUnk
631MX-22/ARC-5Coupling, Right Angle, Tuning15-Dec-54
641NAVAER 08-5Q-95Manual21-Feb-44
651O-4/ARC-5Crystal Frequency Generator15-Dec-54
661R-112/ARC-5Receiver, 100-125 Mc tunable21-Feb-44
671R-113/ARC-5Receiver, 125-156 Mc tunable21-Feb-44
681R-148/ARC-5XReceiver, 190-550 Kc21-Feb-44
691R-20/ARC-5Receiver, 1.5-3.0 Mc21-Feb-44
701R-21/ARC-5Receiver, 3.0-6.0 Mc21-Feb-44
711R-22/ARC-5Receiver, 6.0-9.0 Mc21-Feb-44
721R-23/ARC-5Receiver, 0.19-0.55 MHzUnk
731R-23A/ARC-5Receiver, 0.19-0.55 MHz15-Dec-54
741R-24/ARC-5Receiver, 0.52-1.5 MHzUnk
751R-25/ARC-5Receiver, 1.5-3.0 MHzUnk
761R-26/ARC-5Receiver, 3.0-6.0 MHzUnk
771R-27/ARC-5Receiver, 6.0-9.1 MHzUnk
781R-28/ARC-5Receiver, 100-156 Mc21-Feb-44
791RE-2/ARC-5Antenna Relay UnitUnk
801T-15/ARC-5Transmitter, 0.5-0.8 MHZUnk
811T-16/ARC-5Transmitter, 0.8-1.3 MHZUnk
821T-17/ARC-5Transmitter, 1.3-2.1 MHZUnk
831T-18/ARC-5Transmitter, 2.1-3.0 MHZUnk
841T-19/ARC-5Transmitter, 3.0-4.0 MHZUnk
851T-20/ARC-5Transmitter, 4.0-5.3 MHZUnk
861T-21/ARC-5Transmitter, 5.3-7.0 MHZUnk
871T-22/ARC-5Transmitter, 7.0-9.1 MHZUnk
881T-23/ARC-5Transmitter, 100-125 Mc21-Feb-44
891T-89/ARC-5Transmitter, 100-125 Mc tunable21-Feb-44
901T-90/ARC-5Transmitter, 125-156 Mc tunable21-Feb-44
911TN-6/ARC-5Antenna Loading CoilUnk

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