Intel Cross Development Tools

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The cross development tools which Mark Ogden has provided reverse engineering the 8080 Intel tools into "C" source code. These tools for the PC are identical to the ISIS-II tools provided else where on this site, and replace my old development tools for ISIS-II Monitor and ROM development.

8080/8085 Tools

These assemblers generate the Intel Version 4.0 OMF for the 8085. The Intel MCS-80/85 Object Module Format (OMF) is located here. The MCS-80/85 Absolute Object Module Format (AOMF) is located here.

Tools for 8080/8085 on 32-bit Windows 10
Tools for 8080/8085 on 64-bit Windows 10

I change these files as I find and correct problems. I have noted the version number of the most current version of each of my tools. These tools were most recently used to pull files from ISIS-II disk images (*.IMG), convert those files into Full Binary Files (*.BIN), Disassemble those files creating source files (*.ASM) that assemble without error with my assembler.

They will work to supplement the ISIS-II tools listed above.

ABS2BIN - Convert Intel Absolute OMF File to Full Binary File (*.BIN) [Ver. 1.0F]
BPK2BIN - Convert ISIS.BIN File to Full Binary File (*.BIN) [Ver. 1.0B]
DUMPBIN - Display Binary File in Hex and ASCII [Ver. 1.0B]
BIN2HEX - Convert Binary File (*.BIN) to Intel Hex File (*.HEX) [Ver. 1.0A]
COM2HEX - Convert CPM80 COM File to Intel Hex File [Ver. 1.0A]
ODDEVEN - Tools to split/merge ROM files [Ver. 1.0B]
DISASM80 - Configuration File Driven 8080/8085 Disassembler [Ver. 1.2K1]
FIL2CMP - File Comparision Utility [Ver. 1.0A]
HEX2BIN - Convert Intel Hex File (*.HEX) to Binary File (*.BIN) [Ver. 1.0A]
MAKIMG-I - Allows Management of SD and DD ISIS-II Disk Image Files (*.IMG) on a PC [Ver. 6.0D]
MAKIMG-C - Allows Management of SD and DD CPM Disk Image Files (*.IMG) on a PC [Ver. 6.0H]
ROMBLD - Configuration File Driven ROM Image Builder [Ver. 1.0A]
T02BIN - Convert ISIS.T0 file to Full Binary File (*.BIN) [Ver. 1.0A]

Z80 Tools

Assembler for Z80 Monitors [Ver. N1.0B]

6800 Tools

Assembler for 6800 Monitors [Ver. N1.0B]

8086/88 Tools

These tools are early versions of the Microsoft MASM and utilities that are used to assemble the source code for the Intel 8086/88 processors.

MASM [Ver. 1.0]
MASM [Ver. 2.0]
MASM [Ver. 3.0]
MASM [Ver. 4.0]
MASM [Ver. 5.1]
MASM [Ver. 6.11]

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Last updated: 21 October 2017