Cross Development Tools

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The cross development tools I use I have developed over the past 40 years. These tools are built with the MinGW port of the GNU tools to Windows. The complete source and build environment for each of the current tools is listed below.

8008/8080/8085 Tools

These assemblers now generate the Intel Version 4.0 OMF for the 8085. The Intel MCS-80/85 Object Module Format (OMF) is located here. The MCS-80/85 Absolute Object Module Format (AOMF) is located here.

There are two 8008 assemblers here: - asm8008 handles the 1975 mnemonics, asm8008a handles the earlier 1972 mnemonics.

Assemblers for 8008/8048/UPI41/8051/8080/8085 Monitors [Ver. N2.0C]

I change these files as I find and correct problems. I have noted the version number of the most current version of each of my tools. These tools were most recently used to pull files from ISIS-II disk images (*.IMG), convert those files into Full Binary Files (*.BIN), Disassemble those files creating source files (*.ASM) that assemble without error with my assembler.

ABS2BIN - Convert Intel Absolute OMF File to Full Binary File (*.BIN) [Ver. 1.0F]
BPK2BIN - Convert ISIS.BIN File to Full Binary File (*.BIN) [Ver. 1.0B]
DUMPBIN - Display Binary File in Hex and ASCII [Ver. 1.0B]
BIN2HEX - Convert Binary File (*.BIN) to Intel Hex File (*.HEX) [Ver. 1.0A]
COM2HEX - Convert CPM80 COM File to Intel Hex File [Ver. 1.0A]
ODDEVEN - Tools to split/merge ROM files [Ver. 1.0B]
DISASM80 - Configuration File Driven 8080/8085 Disassembler [Ver. 1.2G]
FIL2CMP - File Comparision Utility [Ver. 1.0A]
HEX2BIN - Convert Intel Hex File (*.HEX) to Binary File (*.BIN) [Ver. 1.0A]
MAKIMG-I - Allows Management of SD and DD ISIS-II Disk Image Files (*.IMG) on a PC [Ver. 6.0D]
MAKIMG-C - Allows Management of SD and DD CPM Disk Image Files (*.IMG) on a PC [Ver. 6.0H]
ROMBLD - Configuration File Driven ROM Image Builder [Ver. 1.0A]
T02BIN - Convert ISIS.T0 file to Full Binary File (*.BIN) [Ver. 1.0A]

Z80 Tools

Assembler for Z80 Monitors [Ver. N1.0B]

6800 Tools

Assembler for 6800 Monitors [Ver. N1.0B]

8086/88 Tools

These tools are early versions of the Microsoft MASM and utilities that are used to assemble the source code for the Intel 8086/88 processors.

MASM [Ver. 1.0]
MASM [Ver. 2.0]
MASM [Ver. 3.0]
MASM [Ver. 4.0]
MASM [Ver. 5.1]
MASM [Ver. 6.11]

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Last updated: 21 October 2017