These monitors have been OCRed or typed in from the manufacturers original documentation. In the case of the Intel monitors, they all contain common code. You can see the development through the many years of monitors!

A lot of this work was driven by Herb Johnson placing ROM images on his Intel MON-80 PROMs page.

I have written tools to help me generate source code from .HEX and .BIN files of old monitors. Those tools are located here.

Herb Johnson wrote the HEX2BIN routine.

Monitors for the 8080

I have OCRed and edited several Intel monitors. Also included are monitors from other manufacturers of CPU boards. I have also reverse engineered monitors from .HEX or .BIN files and from actual ROMs.

MDS I Version 2.0 is still a work in progress! There are assembler errors for references outside the ROM address space. The monitor contains calls to additional commands which are contained in i35.asm and i60.asm.

Mon80 Ver 2.0 for Intellec 8/Mod 80 [1974]

The rest of these Intel monitors are complete, as far as I know. They assemble with my assembler above and have been verified against either the source document or the binary file.

Mon80 Ver 3.0 for Intellec 8/Mod 80 [14 Apr 1975]
Mon80p Ver 1.1 for iSBC 80/10 [1 Nov 1976]
SDK-80 Monitor [1976]
SDK-85 Monitor Ver 2.1 [1 Nov 1976]
Mon80 Ver 1.1 for MDS II [5 May 1977]
Mon80 Ver 1.2 for MDS II [4 Jan 1978]
iSBC 930 Monitor Ver 1.2 [24 Apr 1978]
Mon80 Ver 1.3 for MDS II [1 Mar 1979]

This is a new monitor for the MDS-225 which adds more functionality and removes all the code to support the IOC board. This has been extensively tested on the MDS-225 CPU board and MDS-225 SIMH Simulator.

My Mon80 Ver 1.0 for MDS II [15 Jul 2015]

These are monitors I have found from other Intel vendors.

SSM 8080 Monitor Ver 1.0 [1977]

Monitors for the Z80

These are monitors I have found from Z80 vendors.

SSM Monitor[1977]
SD Systems Monitor, V 2.1[Unknown]
SD Systems Monitor, V 3.0[Unknown]
SD Systems SBC200 Monitor[Unknown]

Monitors for the 8086/8088/80186/80188/8286/80386

These are Intel original ROM images built by Mark Ogden from the iSDM 86 V3.2 source code. Datasheets for two versions are at the bottom of this list.

iSBC 88/25 Monitor
iSBC 88/40 Monitor
iSBC 88/45 Monitor
iSBC 86/05A Monitor
iSBC 86/12A Monitor
iSBC 86/14 Monitor
iSBC 86/30 Monitor
iSBC 86/35 Monitor
iSBC 188/48 Monitor
iSBC 188/56 Monitor
iSBC 186/03A Monitor
iSBC 186/51 Monitor
iSBC 286/10A Monitor
iSBC 286/12 Monitor
iSBC 286/100 Monitor
iSBC 386/2X Monitor
iSBC 386/3X Monitor
iSBC 3861XX Monitor

iSDM 86 VX.X Monitor Datasheet
iSDM 86 V3.2 Monitor Datasheet

I have OCRed and edited the PLM-86 file for the SDK-86 Monitor. This Monitor will build with the PLM-86 tools for DOS.

SDK-86 Monitor

I have OCRed and edited the PLM-86 file for the iSBC 86/12 Monitor. This Monitor will build with the PLM-86 tools for DOS.

iSBC 86/12 Monitor

Monitors for the 8088

I disassembled this monitor from a ROM image I had. The original source code is in the MUMON88.A86 file. This monitor I used in PCs and on the MPX-16 that I built in 1983.


Monitors for the 6800

Here is the first monitor I wrote for the M6800 in 1976. I have ported it to many other microprocessors over the years. This version was ported to a M6800 CP/M-80 simulator I wrote in 1983.

My Original 6800 Monitor[1976]

These are monitors I have found from Motorola and other M6800 vendors.

Altair 680b Monitor (ASCII)[Unknown]
Altair 680b Monitor (Baudot)[Unknown]
Motorola MIKBUG Ver 9[1974]
Motorola MINIBUG Ver 1.3[1974]
SWTPC SWTBUG, Ver 1.0[1977]

Monitors for the 6809

These are monitors I have found from Motorola and other M6809 vendors.

SWTPC 6809 DiskBug0 Ver 3.5 [27 Aug 1980]


Last Updated: 9 July 2018