Miscellaneous System Number 1

I obtained this system in 2012. It cost nothing. That was well worth it!

It contained no boards, but did contain the Altair A/B front panel support punched for either actual front panel. It came with a B front panel - turn key. It also contained an Altair BT motherboard with 18 perfect S-100 connectors. There were 6 broken card slots/supports out of 36. I plan to space out boards will just move around the supports to meet my needs. I like a lot of space between boards for air circulation.

The chassis is missing the cover and back panel. The power supply is also missing. That is the next project - back panel and power supply.

Here are some pictures of the system:

Altair BT Chassis Altair BT Chassis

I have an operational Compupro 85/88 system. I will use this system to test the boards that are going into this system. The boards I plan to use are:
1) SSM Z80 CPU
2) Compupro RAM 16
3) SDSystems SIO-8 Serial Board
4) SDSystems VF II FDC
5) Homebrew Front Panel

This will be a very basic system as they were in the late 70's


2211 MST 15 May 2014

Found some open frame switching power supplies from WattSupply which will power the board set I plan to use in this machine. Prices are good and size looks good, as well.


1214 MST 16 May 2014

I have found the proper switching power supplies to replace the missing linear power supply on the Altair chassis. It will require 4 power supplies:
1) PD-65A 12V/2.8A and 5V/5.5A dual supply - for floppy drives
2) PS-65 7.5V/8A supply - for mother board +8V
3) PS-15 15V/1A supply - for mother board +16V
4) PS-05 15V/0.35A supply - for mother board -16V
I will order these supplies this weekend.

I am in the process of finding ways to get front panels and back plates manufactured to my specifications. I would rather pay to have the metal work done than to drill and nibble away at it!


1446 MST 17 May 2014

I have ordered the four power supplies from WattSupply.

I am negotiating with a metal supplier in Prescott, AZ. to make my front and back panels including all the drilling/punching. I have to creat a dimensional drawimg of each panel for them to do a quote. I am hoping this will be a reasonable cost. I don't want to have to work the panels and can't afford the $500 a piece cost of the Greenlee punches I would need!


1353 MST 20 May 2014

The power supplies are back ordered and should arrive in 4 to 6 weeks. That puts a delay on this project! Meanwhile, I continue to think about and design the front panel hardware and it's layout.


1311 MST 2 June 2014