Compupro System Number 1 (GB01)

I built this system in 1978. It was a lot of fun to build the boards and debug this system back in the day. I have hauled this machine to Korea and back and all around the US. I used this machine daily until I replaced it with a clone PC in 1984. I have used this machine off and on since then. It has seen several processors and I/O boards in its lifetime. I currently use it to test S-100 boards and develop software for those board.

Currently it is configured in a Godbout S-100 System Enclosure with a Godbout Mother Board containing the CPU 85/88, RAM 17 with the monitor ROM in high memory, a Jade DD 8-inch FDC, a pair of 8 inch DSDD FDDs, and my serial board for console support.

The CPU 85/88 documentation is here. The RAM 17 documentation is here. The JadeDD documentation is here. The System Enclosure and Mother Board documentation is here.

This machine runs both CP/M-80 and CP/M-86. I used it to develop software, explore compilers, and to operate my amateur radio station. It was the workhorse until the PC and XT clones got so affordable.

I stored many of my 8-inch floppies for 20 years in a garage without environmental controls here in southern Arizona. I was amazed that they all still worked when I dusted this system off in 2004.

Here is a picture of the system in one of my relay racks:
GB01 Picture

I put this system on the workbench when the second Compupro system arrived. I wanted to use it to create and duplicate OS disks sent to me by Herb Johnson. But first I had to get it running again, reliably. It was having a problem with the boot ROM so I needed to find the Monitor and Jade Device Control Module source code so I could fix the problem.

I found the my old source code for both parts of the boot ROM. The monitor was a simple version of my standard Mon80. The Device Control Module is the operational code which is loaded into the Jade DD disk controller. This controller has no ROM of its own. Then I had to modify the code to assemble with my cross assembler on the PC. I have a batch file that assembles both modules and creates a .BIN file of the EPROM image. The code to create the ROM image is here.

First, I found that the reset switch had failed. This is the square push button on the front panel shown above. I was not able to find a replacement 3/4-inch square lighted switch. I cut a hole in the side of the switch body by the actual switch contacts and repaired it so it once again functioned.

When the machine powers up, it apparently does NOT do a reset. All switch and jumper settings on the CPU board are correct. The terminal is filled with garbage and does not respond to the keyboard. If the reset switch is hit, the monitor prompt appears and the monitor program operates correctly.

I have created a 60K CPM-80 system on the S-100 machine using the source code from Compupro Version 2.2N MOVCPM for ccpv00 and bdosv00. I also include the source code from my modified Jade ccpb01. And finally, my biosv81 from the 1980s. This operating system boots and operates correctly. This CP/M-80 code is here.

I have ported XMODEM V3.2 to this system using my homebrew 8251 serial card. This program allows me to move any type of file between my PC and the S-100 system. The XMODEM V3.2 code is located here.

Last Updated 26 November 2014