Intel iSBC 88/45 Single Board Computer

I obtained several of these boards in 1998. Intel used them to provide dedicated X.25 or IBM SNA connectivity to the Intel multibus series of computers. We used them in the Army to provide X.25 connections to the Packet Switched Nodes (PSN) that formed the backbone of the Internet in 1985 - Yes, before Al Gore invented it! These machines provided gateway services between ethernets and the internet about the time that Cisco began producing the AGS gateway.

I have completely disassembled the EPROM with the code from this board. The source code code is found in file 173835-001.asm. The MASM listing is found in file 173835-001.lst. This software was originally written in PL/M-86. That is evident from the assembler code generated. The source code will assemble with the MASM32 tools.


2056 MST 9 January 2012

According to the iSBC 88/45 data sheet, this board can be configured as either a master or slave board. Initially I had planned to bring up this board before the 86/30 or 86/12. Since I have still not located a hardware reference manual for this board, I have passed it by and moved on to the 8086-based boards. If I find a HRM for this board, I will return to it sooner.


1932 MST 17 January 2012