Mon80v40 Software

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Mon80v40 is the 8080 version of a Monitor program I have been using since the 70s. Version 4.0 was my Mon80 Monitor ported to the Intel iSBC 80/10 board. It provides all the functions to test the CPU, RAM and I/O on a target system. It also allows loading/storing programs to/from the PC used as an RS-232 terminal.

My current archive file contains the code to build 4 versions of the Monitor. The versions are as follows:
"A" - works with the CPU board ROM and RAM as a single board computer.
"B" - works with the iSBC 064 RAM board (loads monitor into high memory).
"C" - is "B" with the iSBC 208 driver.
"D" - is "C" with the PATA Hard Drive driver.

With the new Monitor in a 2732 EPROM and the CPU board modified for it, and several rounds of modify and test, I got it operational. I tested Monitor version "A" on the CPU board alone, then added in the RAM board and tested it with the RAM test routine. I tested both of my iSBC 064 RAM boards and they were good after 35 years! Then I tested Monitor version "B" on the two board system. All worked well.

The complete source build environment for the current Mon80v40 is here. This will build on a 64-bit Win 7 box. This will require ASM8085.exe and BIN2HEX.exe from my Tools directory must be in the same directory or in the PATH.

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Last updated: 18 Jun 2015