3 Slot Card Cage

A horizontal ribbon.

I obtained this cage off eBay.

First Try

This cage was in great shape. I got an ATX power supply and removed the power connector. I connected the wires required to provide the +5V, +12V and -12V to the card cage. The card cage provided a -5V regulator to provide that voltage. See the pictures below:



With the power supply connected, I tested the voltages to make sure the power supply and card cage were wired correctly and the power supply was good.

Second Try

I found that the old side-by-side AT power connectors fit the 6 pin power connectors on the backplane. I connected them to a 12-pin Molex connector and replaced the ATX power connector on the switching power supply I use to run this cage. I should have obtained an actual ATX connector so it would work with any power supply. This is a better solution than the first try above.

I have added an angle piece of aluminum to the top of the cage to hold the power indicator, off/on switch, and reset button. I am rethinking placement to the left or right side of the cage, to allow the connectors and cables from the boards to pass to the back of the chassis. See the pictures below:



A horizontal ribbon.

Last Modified: 9 January 2012