Intel iSBC 80/30 System

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This is a new page covering the iSBC 80/30 Single Board Computer (SBC).

This board was introduced in 1976 provide OEMs with an SBC to begin building systems and applications using the 8085 processor. It was used with additional boards from Intel to expand memory and I/O capabilities. It was the first Intel multibus SBC.

Technical References

iSBC 80/30 Single Board Computer Hardware Reference Manual Nov 85 9800611A

Additional boards to make a complete system:

iSBC 032/048/064KB RAM Board Hardware Reference Manual Jan 79 9800488B
iSBC 202 MMFM Double-Density Floppy Disk Controller Hardware Reference Manual 77 9800420A
iSBC 208 FM/MFM Double-/Single-Density Floppy Disk Controller Hardware Reference Manual 77 143078-001
iSBC 464 32KB ROM Board Hardware Reference Manual 81 9800643B

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Monitor Source Code

Mon80p Ver 1.1 for iSBC 80/10 [1 Nov 1976]
iSBC 930 Monitor (MON830) for iSBC 80/30 [24 Apr 78]
iSBC 930 Monitor (MON830) for iSBC 80/30 Manual [24 Apr 78]
Port of iSBC 930 Monitor for iSBC 80/30 with Modified Commands [2016]

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Operating Systems

These Intel SBCs would not run the Intel MDS OS nor the ISIS-II OS. It would require special versions of these to run modified for the I/O port assignments. The boards also required a modification to disable the onboard ROM and RAM. I took the queue from the iSBC 80/24 board, which used one bit of one of the 8255s to disable ROM and RAM. The ROM maps at address 0H which has to be RAM for any of the OSs to operate. The RAM has to be disabled because it overlays external RAM, and the external RAM is the only RAM available for DMA operations from the disk controller boards.

I was able to port CP/M-80 Version 2.2 to operate on this with an iSBC 064 RAM board and either and iSBC 202 Floppy Disk Controler board.

CP/M-80 V2.2 Source for Intel System 80/10

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Last updated: 20 November 2017