8-Inch Disk Subsystems

A horizontal ribbon.

Here are the 8-inch drive systems I have were built in the early 1980s. I am in the process of replacing the direct cable between the drives and floppy disk controller with a set of cables which use 50-pin Centronics connectors. These connectors are IDC and will attach to 50-wire ribbon cable. These cable adapters will serve the same purpose as the DC-37 adapters for the 3.5 and 5.25 inch drives.

Here is a picture of my second 8-inch disk pair.


Here are some of pictures of the inside of the disk case.




These are double sided double density drives (Siemens FDD 200-8). They will store up to 1.2 MB on a floppy. I have had and used these drives for 30 years.

A horizontal ribbon.

Last Modified: 27 August 2013