Disk Subsystems

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This is an effort to provide a set of common pairs of disk drives for all of my old systems. I use a centronics 50-pin centronics connector for the 8-inch drive pairs and a DC-37 D-sub connector on each 5- and 3-inch drive pairs.

The idea here is to have available several different types of disk drive pairs using two common connectors for interface. I have 8-inch: DSDD and SSDD drives in rack cabinets. I have 5.25-inch: DSDD 360 KB, DSQD 720 KB, and DSHD 1.2 MB drives in Bud boxes. I also have 3.5-inch DSHD 1.44 MB drives in a Bud box. These drive subsystems can be used with any of the computers I am currently using by providing the proper interface cable.

8-Inch Disk Subsystems
5.25-Inch Disk Subsystems
3.5-Inch Disk Subsystems

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Last Modified: 26 August 2013